Zubeen Garg takes a sarcastic dig at CM Sonowal

Zubeen Garg takes a sarcastic dig at CM Sonowal

Kanchanjangha Kanchanjangha

Guwahati, 13 January 2019:

It started with ‘Khokolure Ananda, Sarbananda’ prior to the 2016 elections in Assam. But that Ananda (Happiness) has faded into a gloomy galaxy as people of Assam find themselves in times of panic and anger. This has led to a mass criticism of Chief Minister Sarbanada Sonowal and celebrities from Assam are also making their voices heard through various platforms.

Assam’s heartthrob Zubeen Garg on Sunday, through a social media post, took a dig at Chief Minister Sarbanada Sonowal over the ongoing issue of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 in the state.

The award winning singer has always been vocal over the issue of Citizenship Bill and has always showed his regionalism and disagreement towards the Bill on every possible public forum. In the last few months, he has continuously urged the government to not implement the Bill and requested people of Assam to come out together to protest against the Bill.

The sarcastic dig on the CM comes following an open letter that he wrote to the CM few days back urging him to reconsider the government’s decision and scrap the Bill for the interest of Assamese people. But CM Sonowal failed to address his letter or give him a reply.

In a facebook post, Zubeen  Garg wrote, “Dear Sarbananda Sonowal Da, Wrote a letter to you few days back. Guess you are too busy counting the black flags to respond. So, can I get the votes back that you earned using my voice in 2016? I am ready to refund the remuneration.”

It will be interesting to see how CM Sonowal responses to this post from the musical heartthrob of Assam amid all the flak and criticism coming the CM’s way for his silence over the issue.

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Published On: Jan 14, 2019