Assam: BJP MLA Rupak Sharma visits Dr Mayur Hazarika's residence, hails his historic 5th rank in UPSC

Assam: BJP MLA Rupak Sharma visits Dr Mayur Hazarika's residence, hails his historic 5th rank in UPSC

In a remarkable achievement, Dr Mayur Hazarika has etched his name in the annals of history by securing the prestigious fifth position in the highly competitive Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. 

In a show of support and admiration, BJP MLA Rupak Sharma made a special visit to Dr Hazarika's residence, extending warm congratulations and recognizing his monumental achievement.

The visit by MLA Rupak Sharma to Dr Mayur Hazarika's house was filled with celebratory spirits and admiration for the young prodigy. The BJP MLA, representing the people of Nagaon, expressed immense pride in Dr Hazarika's remarkable feat and emphasized the significance of his achievement for the entire state of Assam.

"It is indeed fantastic news for the people of Assam that he secured the 5th position nationwide. Presently, I am at his residence in Nagaon. Not only has he consistently achieved excellent results in his school and college examinations, but now he has also excelled in the UPSC. I sincerely wish him a bright future and hope that he continues to bring name, fame, and glory to the people of Assam in the years to come.", said MLA Rupak Sharma. 

"He achieved the 5th position in All India, and that's a significant accomplishment for us. I cannot express my happiness. It was his first attempt. Along with the family, he made the entire Assam proud, and this truly brings me joy. He has been working hard since his school days. He secured the 10th position in the High School Leaving Certificate examinations. He pursued his medical career at Guwahati Medical College. Despite his busy schedule as a doctor, he managed to allocate time for rigorous studying, which ultimately helped him crack the exam. It is the result of his hard work.", said his mother.

"After completing his MBBS, without wasting any time, he pursued the competitive UPSC exam and astonishingly cracked it on his first attempt. This is momentous news for us, a result of his hard work. Achieving the 5th position nationwide was beyond our imagination, but his dedication paid off. We are overjoyed, considering it a tremendous accomplishment for our family and the people of Assam. I wholeheartedly wish him a bright future, expressing my gratitude to God and thanking the people of Assam for their blessings.", said Dr Mayur Hazarika's father.