Assam: Boycotting inauguration ceremony of new parliament building totally undemocratic, says minister Atul Bora

Assam: Boycotting inauguration ceremony of new parliament building totally undemocratic, says minister Atul Bora

Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) president Atul Bora who is an ally of the BJP-led coalition government in Assam slammed the opposition parties for boycotting the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament house on May 28 by PM Modi.

Speaking to IndiaTodayNE, Assam cabinet minister Atul Bora said, "Some political parties are protesting against the inauguration of the new parliament building by PM Modi. During the tenure of the UPA government such things happened...the then PM Rajiv Gandhi, he inaugurated parliament library in 1987 and also PM Indira Gandhi inaugurated parliament annexe and it was not opposed by them."

"The same political parties are opposing now... the parliament is a temple of democracy and this is a totally undemocratic attitude of the opposition. I would like to appeal to all the political parties to respect the democratic process and take part in the inaugural ceremony," he added.

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Meanwhile, Bodoland CEM Pramod Bora also slammed the opposition parties that decided to boycott the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament building and said, "I do not understand the intension behind such boycott as the same is a historic day for the people of India."

"If the present leadership is doing something good for the people of India why it is not tolerated by the opposition I don't understand...They (the opposition) can do loads of issues for their own politics but this is not an issue it is an achievement of the country that after 75 years of independence, we are going to have a good facility for the countrymen wherein all leaders will sit and decide the future of the country," Boo added.

Without pointing or naming any political parties, the Bodoland CEM said that, if one looks back loads of mistakes have been done in their time and things have been done against the countrymen.

The opposition parties have reportedly agreed to skip the ceremony to inaugurate the nation's capital's newly constructed Parliament building, according to reports on Wednesday (May 24).

“The inauguration of a new Parliament building is a momentous occasion. Despite our belief that the government is threatening democracy, and our disapproval of the autocratic manner in which the new Parliament was built, we were open to sinking our differences and marking this occasion. However, Prime Minister Modi's decision to inaugurate the new Parliament building by himself, completely sidelining President Murmu, is not only a grave insult but a direct assault on our democracy which demands a commensurate response”, a joint letter by the opposition read.