Assam: Four illegally run pharmacies sealed in Baksa

Assam: Four illegally run pharmacies sealed in Baksa

In a proactive move to curb illegal pharmaceutical activities, a team led by the Inspector of Medicines of Baksa district conducted raids in various locations, notably Bhakuamari under Baksa, Salbari sub-division. The diligent efforts of the department resulted in the identification and subsequent sealing of four unlawfully operating pharmacies.

This significant operation was spearheaded by Baksa District Drug Inspector, Ishwar Chandra Hazarika, who, in a previous instance, led a divisional team to conduct a thorough raid at a pharmacy situated in the Bhakuamari market. During this raid, it was discovered that four pharmacies were functioning without the requisite licenses and signboards, thereby violating established regulations.

In response to this breach, the drug inspector promptly took action by sealing all four pharmacies. Additionally, further investigations revealed similar irregularities in other areas. In Chalikanda market, under the Salbari sub-division, and in Ghoramara market, pharmacies were found illegally selling sample medicines provided to doctors by pharmaceutical companies.

Ishwar Chandra Hazarika, the diligent Baksa district medicine inspector, affirmed that appropriate measures would be taken against the two firms found engaging in the illicit sale of sample medicines in Chalikanda Bazar and Ghoramara market. This decisive action underscores the commitment of the authorities to uphold regulatory standards and ensure the safety and legality of pharmaceutical practices within the district.

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