Assam: Heavy encroachment in Ripu-Chirang reserve forest leads to massive deforestation

Assam: Heavy encroachment in Ripu-Chirang reserve forest leads to massive deforestation

Heavy encroachment has been reported in Ripu-Chirang Reserve Forest in Assam, leading to massive deforestation. 

This unauthorised intrusion and exploitation of forest resources is severely impacting the ecological balance of the region. 

This large-scale encroachment of forest land has taken place in Ultapani, Kokrajhar. The situation raises questions about the role of local governance and political influence in these actions. 

Speaking to the media, one of the forest officials said, "33 families have been evicted from the forest land. Earlier also we asked the people residing on the forest land not to build houses. We have also informed the DFO on the matter. Most of the people evicted are from Chirag and they are responsible for the deforestation."

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Most shockingly the forest officials have also claimed that around 25 bighas have already been illegally encroached by the people.

The encroachment is particularly concerning at a time when global fertility is increasing and climate change is posing a significant threat to the future of human civilization and other living beings. 

The Ripu-Chirang Reserve Forest is home to precious sal trees, wild elephants, peacocks, rare golden monkeys, forest poultry, and three hundred different species of butterflies. 

Notably, humans have encroached upon the Ultapani forest area of the Holtugaon division, cutting down trees, exploiting forest resources, and allegedly started farming on the forest land. 

If such deforestation continues, the green forests of Ripu Chirang Reserve Forest may soon disappear.