Assam: Historic Hazari Bhauna celebration unfolds in Nagaon

Assam: Historic Hazari Bhauna celebration unfolds in Nagaon

Today marked the commencement of a 2 day celebration of the historic Hazari Bhauna in Kaliabor. Amidst the chants of 'Harinam,' the Kaliabor Hatbar's Shankar-Madhav coordination field witnessed fervent activities.

Under the management of the Hatbar Hazari Committee, the festival kicked off with the hoisting of flags and cultural processions, symbolizing the rich cultural heritage of the Satra community in Kaliabor, today morning.

Minister and event chairman Keshab Mahanta inaugurated the religious ceremonies at the Hatbar Mandir and the Mandir premises.

On both Sunday and Monday evenings, performances will held by various communities including the Uttar Kaliabor Hazari, Chatiyal Hazari, Hatbar Hazari, Eksharani Bhagavati Society, Sonari Gaon Hazari, Pashchim Kaliabor Hazari, Samanvita Youth Society, and Barbhagia Hazari.

The program includes presentations such as 'Jarasandha Vadh' at Uttar Kaliabor Hazari, 'Sukarna Raja's Son Love' at Chatiyal Hazari, 'Ram Vijay' at Hatbar Hazari, and 'Sita Haran Bali Vadh' at Kaliabor's Eksharani Bhagavati Society.

During the second night, performances included 'Shringi Muni's Curse' at Sonari Gaon Hazari, 'Pandavas' Rajasuya Yagna' at Pashchim Kaliabor Hazari, 'Rukmini Haran' by the Samanvita Youth, and 'War Between Father and Son' at Barbhagia Hazari.

This event, commemorating the 300-year-old historic Hazari Bhauna, has brought together the entire Kaliabor region in celebration.

Commenting on the occasion, Minister Keshav Mohanty expressed his delight at the vibrant cultural display and religious fervor among the residents of Kaliabor during this time of the festivity.