Assam: Income Tax department conducts raid in Radhakrishna Flour Mill in Dhubri

Assam: Income Tax department conducts raid in Radhakrishna Flour Mill in Dhubri

A team of officers from the Income Tax department, Guwahati, raided the Radhakrishna Flour Mill in Dhubri district to investigate the alleged widespread nepotism and paper embezzlement, which tremendously affected the government.

It has been informed that as per trade license issued to Radhakrishna Flour Mill, the mill belongs to one Raj Kumar Deorah as the owner. It is also stated that the flour mill authorities have failed to pay Municipal Taxes since last two years and has also not renewed the trade license. It is believed that the Deorah family was allegedly operating the mill with the help of locals goons and other anti-social elements.

Since December 7 until now, a team from the Income Tax department has been conducting the operation with assistance from a Dhubri-based team from the same department, which includes a team of police from Dhubri.

Prior accusations have been made that cooperative societies and mill owners misappropriated the supplied flours' papers in exchange for cash. Allegedly, the cooperative society's chairman, secretary, and mill owner embezzled grain intended for the underprivileged.

Over the years, allegations were levelled that the flour mills in Dhubri has been operated improperly under the pretense of giving the beneficiaries low-quality flour; a limited amount of unfit-for-consumption flour is delivered every two or three months.

It is believed that, on the basis of such allegations, the Income Tax department, conducted the raid today. Thus far, no information regarding the operation conducted in secret has been made public. Media representatives were not permitted to enter the Radhakrishna Flour Mill by the Income Tax Department.