Assam: Largescale Eviction Drive conducted at Mandia Bazar in Barpeta district

Assam: Largescale Eviction Drive conducted at Mandia Bazar in Barpeta district

A sweeping eviction drive was conducted on Tuesday in the Mandia Bazar area, under Assam's Barpeta District. The eviction drive comes in the wake of a letter from the Public Works Department (PWD) urging the district administration to reclaim the illegally occupied land. 

Initiated six months ago with notices issued by the Circle Officer of Baghbar circle, the drive resulted in the removal of several occupants who had refused to relinquish the land voluntarily.

In response to a formal request from the Public Works Department (PWD) to reclaim the occupied land, the Circle Officer of Baghbar circle initiated a comprehensive eviction drive in the Mandia Bazar area. The PWD had sought the assistance of district administration in freeing the land from encroachment.

Six months ago, notices were issued to those occupying the land, urging them to vacate voluntarily. While some complied and relinquished control, there were individuals who persisted in holding onto the disputed land.

Consequently, a substantial eviction drive unfolded under the authority of the Circle Officer, Sunbar Chutiya, resulting in the removal of multiple shops and residential structures with the assistance of heavy machinery, including JCBs. The operation was conducted in the presence of law enforcement officers to ensure order and safety.

The extensive deployment of police personnel underscored the authorities’ commitment to maintaining public safety during the eviction process, mitigating the risk of any untoward incidents. The drive aimed to reclaim the land for public use as per the directives from the concerned departments.

Although few locals are worried after this massive eviction drive but many are happy with the decision.

“For development of a place roads are its utmost necessity, so I appreciate the decision of the administration to widen the road,” a local name Aftab Ali said. 

Whereas one local Mohamad Shohidul Islam requested for a place of worship as their sacred place has partially been destroyed.