Assam: Man found dead in Nagaon, murder suspected

Assam: Man found dead in Nagaon, murder suspected

In Kandali, Nagaon, an allegation of murder has been made against two individuals by locals. It is alleged that last Wednesday, Kamal Deuri was beaten by Ajit Tanti and Kartik Tanti over a dispute involving a girl. 


According to eyewitnesses, tensions flared last Wednesday over a dispute involving a girl, ultimately resulting in a violent confrontation. "It all started last Wednesday when this guy insulted the girl really badly. So, the girl brought her whole family, including the president, and they confronted him. Things got heated, and despite the manager's instructions not to harm him, they ended up fighting. The family and the president beat him severely, and he was badly injured and had to be taken to the hospital," narrated a local resident.


Kamal Deuri was promptly rushed to the tea estate hospital for urgent medical attention. However, despite initial treatment, concerns arose as he was not allowed to return home to his family. "He received treatment at the tea estate hospital, but they didn't let him go home to his family afterward," the eyewitness further disclosed.


Tragically, the situation took a devastating turn when Kamal Deuri's lifeless body was discovered in the tea estate. "Then, when they finally released him and he was on his way home, yesterday, the president caught his brother making him run, and this morning, we found him hanging. It's definitely not suicide; there were bruises and blood on his body," asserted another local resident.


Amidst the shock and grief, the family of the deceased has leveled accusations against Ajit Tanti and Kartik Tanti, alleging their involvement in Kamal Deuri's untimely demise. The authorities have launched a thorough investigation into the matter, with police officers present at the scene to gather evidence and ascertain the truth behind the tragic incident.