Assam: NIT Silchar students launch indefinite hunger strike over suicide case, demands Dean's resignation

Assam: NIT Silchar students launch indefinite hunger strike over suicide case, demands Dean's resignation

Students at the NIT Silchar in Assam, have initiated an indefinite hunger strike to demand the resignation of Dean (Academics) Dr Binoy Krishna Roy, blaming him for a third student's suicide at the renowned educational institute. 

A High-Level Committee for Academic Reforms is also being sought by the agitated students in order to reduce the burden on the students. Students protested within the institute campus, screaming shouts asking that Dr Binoy Krishna Roy resign from his position. 

"Our only motive is that our brother gets justice," said a protesting student who took part in the nonviolent march. 

"When the student died one was present from the administration one was there to answer our questions, hence we want answers from Dean (Academics) what they were not present," added the protesting student.

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Further, the students alleged that the Dean said the suicide case was a minor incident and now students are seeking an apology from the Dean.

"One of our fellow students died by suicide due to academic pressure," one of the agitated pupils remarked. We are doing a nonviolent Satyagraha in order to obtain justice for him. He was both mentally and physically healthy. Allegations that he was a drug addict are completely incorrect. We demand that Dean Roy resign, that the administration apologise, and that the relatives of the dead get proper compensation."

According to reports, the dead Electrical Engineering student had backlogs in numerous disciplines and was attempting to clarify the situation with the Dean (Academics). However, the Dean allegedly refused the student's request to talk with him. 

Following this, the student took a drastic move. On September 16, students went on a rampage at the NIT, Silchar, vandalising cars, taking the Dean and his family hostage, and even assaulting Cachar SP Numal Mahatta with a water bottle in protest at a fellow student's suicide.

Speaking to the media, Cachar SP Numal Mahatta said, "Currently the situation at NIT Silchar is normal and we have personally visited the faculty members and students. Students have approached us and have filed written complaints...we have asked both the faculty and student community to maintain a peaceful environment."

The SP further added that currently three FIRs have been registered in which one journalist has filed a complaint regarding vandalism, the second from the police administration and the third for the NIT authorities.