Assam: Thieves hit 4 shops in Baksa, Snatch Cash

Assam: Thieves hit 4 shops in Baksa, Snatch Cash

In an overnight raid, thieves targeted 4 business establishments in Shimla market, Baksa, around 2:30 in the morning. The culprits made away with a total sum exceeding Rs 2 lakh in cash.

Among the victims, Gunjit Basumatary's grocery store suffered a loss of about Rs 1,500, while Krishna Das's pharmacy was robbed of around Rs 80,000. The hardware shop owned by Minichaurang Boro bore the brunt of the theft, losing approximately Rs 1.7 lakh. Additionally, some money was pilfered from Monthay Brahma's hardware store.

"The theft took place late at night. One shop was of hardware, another was a pharmacy and a grocery store. The thieves took away 80 a thousand from my shop" informed Krishna Das.

The theft occurred just 100 meters away from the Shimla police station in Baksa, adding to the audacity of the criminals' actions. The thieves adeptly disconnected the CCTV camera connections to facilitate their operation, further complicating the investigation.

Upon receiving reports of the incident, Shimla police responded by arriving at the scene to initiate inquiries into the burglary. Investigations are currently underway as authorities endeavor to apprehend those responsible for the brazen theft.