Assamese diaspora in Ireland celebrate Rongali Bihu with traditional gusto

Assamese diaspora in Ireland celebrate Rongali Bihu with traditional gusto

Sounds of dhol, pepas and gogonas rang the festive air as the Assamese diaspora celebrated Rongali Bihu with a traditional fervor in Dublin, Ireland.

The Assam Society of Ireland celebrated the Assamese New Year, welcoming spring with a line up of traditional songs, dance, music mashup, celebrating Bohag.

The event started with the traditional koni-juj (egg-fight) followed with the Assamese Jolpan sira doi gurr, laru pitha, bhapot diya pitha, ghila pitha and various other delicacies.

The cultural event started with a Satriya dance performance followed by multiple dance and music performances.

A gorgeous folk dance showcasing multiple dance forms from Assam including Bihu, Bodo, Tiwa, Mishing and Jhumoor was also part of the evening programme.

The event also included a fashion show exhibiting the richness of different Assamese Silk.

The attendees got the taste of Assam with the traditional Bihu husori by Liffeyporiya Husori Dol ( probably the first husori dol of Europe) formed last year by the Assamese community residing in Ireland.

Attendees from different countries who had gathered at the colourful event, enjoyed a scrumptious meal laid out. Laai gahori, haah kumura, dail bota, jolphai achar, tok covered the food corner that truly presented the ‘Khati Axomiywa Swaad’ in a foreign land.

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