Two madrasas in Assam sealed, 8 teachers suspected to be jihadi linkmen held

Two madrasas in Assam sealed, 8 teachers suspected to be jihadi linkmen held

Morigaon’s Moirabari administration has sealed the Jamiut-ul-Huda Madrassa in Saharia village after the arrest of one suspected Jihadi linkman from the premises of the Madrassa.

The suspected Jihadi Linkman, also a Mufti of the Madrassa, has been identified as Mufti Mustafa Ahmed. The Mufti was arrested by the Moirabari police after receiving inputs of suspicious activities going on inside the Madrassa. A raid was conducted in the Madrassa following which a bank passbook along with a mobile phone, was seized from the possession of the Mufti.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the madrassas were attached to the Mufti’s house. The Mufti is suspected to be carrying out terror modules from the ramparts of the Madrassa.

The police have detained the headmaster, Mustafa Ahmed, along with 8 teachers, for questioning.

Meanwhile, the raid is still underway in the house of Mufti Mustafa Ahmed. 

"The raid has been underway in Saharia Village, 6 No Ward, for the past three days, where the Morigaon Additional Superintendent of Police, along with his team, was present and a joint operation was carried out with Moirabari Police. The police have apprehended Mufti Mustafa and seized all his bank passbooks, Madrassa documents, and mobile phones for the purpose of investigation. At present, his involvement in any terror module is still not confirmed," a local speaking to India Today NE confirmed.