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Community leaders, women organisations and student bodies appeal people along with the District Authority not to believe rumour mongers

Following recent untoward incidences that have been taking place in some parts of Dima Hasao due to fear psychosis among the people, the District Administration under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Amitabh Rajkhowa and Superintendent of Police Prasanta Saikia called for an emergency meeting at Haflong circuit house today at 4:00 P.M.

The meeting was well responded by all the representatives of different communities, women organisations, students’ bodies and others. They have jointly appealed to the public specially the people of Dima hasao to act responsibly and not to be swayed away by all rumours instigating hatred mostly in the social media such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.

Although there have been several attempts by the district administration to prevent people from believing such fake news which do not have any base or authenticity, the reports of such incidents are seen reported.

Situations as such have been seen inflame to worse consequences effecting both the people victimised as well as the public who have been part of the mob.

The recent incident at Mahur in Dima Hasao was a result of such rumour where three ‘sadhus’ travelling through the town were suspected as child lifters and hundreds of people gathered. The situation was immediately brought under control when the police personnel and army people came to rescue. Their belongings that included cloths, mouth spray and other medicines were suspiciously rummaged and to further aggravated after the pictures were shared on social media.

Further the district administration appealed to the people of Dima Hasao not to take law into their hands and to report the authorities immediately of any suspicious is noticed.

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Published On: Jul 05, 2018