Assam Society of Ireland Celebrates Bihu in Dublin

Assam Society of Ireland Celebrates Bihu in Dublin

Bihu Bihu

Dublin: The  Assam Society of Ireland (ASOI) celebrated Rongali Bihu with traditional gusto and fervour in Dublin, Ireland. The society conducted and performed Rongali Bihu on the 16th of April, 2022. The society was founded with the goal of assisting Assamese people in Ireland and promoting Assamese culture and activity.

The incredible brilliance of individuals astounded 90 plus participants registered for the event including people from Turkey, Spain, Netherland, and Ireland. The event had many dance performances including traditional Bihu dances, Assamese modern dances, kids dances, and Bollywood. The event brings together performers of all ages. 

An Assamese culture quiz was also held in the intervals between the events. People from all over the world participated in Koni juj and the event was a huge success.``

Jalpaan (Doi sira), till pitha, pati septa, samosa, and a wonderful home-cooked lunch provided by members of the ASOI society were among the munchies offered. Lunch dishes include duck curry, chicken, pig, fish, paneer, dal, and rice.

Moreover, they were entertained by live music performed by the participants following lunch. The function came to a close with a powerpack husori performance.  It was an evening of coming together of the community to celebrate the spring festival, reconnect with life left behind in Assam and to teach the young city-bred generation, about the social capital of the community and the traditional values and cultural heritage.

A wonderful celebration of the dynamic Assamese culture in Ireland brought joy to the people living there.


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Published On: Apr 18, 2022