Dimapur railway station to get 10 COVID isolation coaches as support

Dimapur railway station to get 10 COVID isolation coaches as support

COVID isolation coaches COVID isolation coaches

DIMAPUR: The ministry of Railways has agreed to place at least 10 COVID isolation coaches at Dimapur Railway station in response to an increase in COVID-19 cases in the state.

Meanwhile, reports said that the Railways would have at least 40 oxygen cylinders in addition to the 10 coaches.

The state government, on the other hand, would be responsible for refilling cylinders if they run out.

According to the source, the state government will include medical staff, a water tanker, and power generators. Dimapur deputy commissioner has already been tasked with making the necessary arrangements.

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He responded by saying that plans were there to recruit the support of private hospitals to ensure that COVID patients had enough beds.

This comes after Nagaland chief secretary J Alam wrote to Railway Board chairman and chief executive officer Suneet Sharma yesterday, requesting the Railways' assistance in stationing wagons at Dimapur railway station for use as a temporary COVID treatment facility in the event of an emergency.

After reviewing the COVID preparations on April 30, Alam stated that the state government discovered that the bed capacity designed in available hospitals and temporary places for oxygen assisted beds, as well as the COVID care centre in Dimapur, could be insufficient in a worst-case scenario, and so the state will need support from the federal government "to strengthen our efforts to save precious lives."

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