Facing racism and economic problems, Manipur Nagas start forum in Delhi

Facing racism and economic problems, Manipur Nagas start forum in Delhi

Facing racism and economic problems, Manipur Nagas start forum in Delhi Facing racism and economic problems, Manipur Nagas start forum in Delhi

The coronavirus pandemic has created a global outbreak that has not excused even the powerful and the wealthy. However, it is the vulnerable population that stands to be the most affected. One such population is the indigenous tribal population of Northeast India (NER). There are already reports of racism in various parts of the country where people from the NER region has faced ill-treatment on account of their physical features.

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But the situation has only worsened. A huge number of migrants live in Delhi to earn their livelihood. The Covid19 has severely affected the migrant working population and the Manipur Nagas are facing problems among the many stranded in the National Capital.

To addressed the concerns, the 'MANIPUR NAGA FORUM DELHI FOR COVID-19' has been formed among the Naga members from Manipur.

The forum, realizing the need for accountability and to cope with the practical difficulties of the situation, decided to constitute a committee by nominating all the 17 Naga Tribal students' union(s) in Delhi under Manipur state to constitute a committee as per the notification published by the body.

Speaking to InsideNe, KS Masotmi, Convener MNFDC stated the problems faced by the Manipur Nagas and the reasons for the forum. He says that there has been ration distribution but it's not enough for the people. "The NGOs who have been distributing the ration are broad and misses out to target the Manipur Nagas".

Ever since the lockdown, the people of the Northeast in Delhi are faced with difficulties. Many have lost their jobs and some have been deferred salary payment. The forum has approached the companies and they cited "no revenue because of lockdown".

Going forward

The Corona lockdown has opened up a pandora's box of problems for the Northeast communities, who not only have lost their employment and are unsure about the future. The Manipur Nagas Forum has viewed the aftermath of the lockdown will bring in more problems. "Many individuals from Manipur were granted Rs 2000 initially but that's not a long term solution", says Masotmi.

As people out of job, they will not be able to support themselves and that's why the group has written to the Chief Minister of Manipur to intervene in the situation. The group has raised two issues in the letter addressed to the CM.

1. Ensure free travel to those stranded in Delhi and willing to go back home

2. To provide essentials for the citizens of the state in Delhi

The bigger picture

Amid the good efforts of civil society organizations, the pandemic has brought about the core issues that impact the Northeast populace in the country. The first concern is of the lack of employment which has been further affected by the corona outbreak. The second is the inherent racism puts them at more risk compared to others. The other important issue is of funding by their respective state govt who has to monitor the diaspora.

The new normal of coronavirus will go on for some time but the people will need long term solutions for their sustainability.

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Published On: May 07, 2020