Five places to visit in Meghalaya as state reopens for tourists after lockdown

Five places to visit in Meghalaya as state reopens for tourists after lockdown

Five places to visit in Meghalaya Five places to visit in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is the best place to visit if you are a nature lover who wants to experience nature's beauty, especially after the COVID-19 situations.

Meghalaya is a Beautiful mysterious place and famous for tourism in Northeast India.

The name Meghalaya was derived from Sanskrit words ' Abode of Meghalaya is blessed with heavenly beauty of nature.

There are many interesting places in Meghalaya for tourism waterfalls, caves, and living root bridges are mysterious and adventurous spots to visit.

Tourism reopened in Meghalaya from September 1.

Some places are already open while some are yet to open.

It needs to be mentioned that for tourism in Meghalaya, you need to be fully vaccinated and shall be adhered to all COVID-19 rules issued by the state government.

Here are the best five tourist places to visit in Meghalaya as states reopens for tourists after lockdown: 


1)  Elephant fall

Elephant fall

When visiting Meghalaya for tourism, you can explore many waterfalls as Meghalaya is well known for waterfalls, with Elephant Fall being the most visited and photographed site.

The best time to visit Elephant Falls is during the monsoon season. The Khasi tribals named it Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew, which translates to "Three Steps Waterfalls."

Elephant Falls will open in September 2021.


2) Noh Kalikai fall 

Noh Kalikai fall 


This tourists spot is worth visiting because Noh Kalikai is the tallest plunge waterfall in India.

It would be a great experience visiting Noh Kalikai fall, The name ' Noh Kalikai ' has a heart-rending story that you need to know before exploring this tourists spot,

September and October are the best time to visit Noh Kalikai fall,

Noh Kalikai fall will be open from September 20, 2021.


3) Mawsmai Cave 

Mawsmai Cave

Meghalaya is well known for caves ' Krem' in a local language. You can explore many caves in Meghalaya as there are more than 1000 Caves present in Meghalaya where some have not been explored where Mawsmai Cave us open now for the tourists, people who love adventure and experience can come over here.


4) Thangkrang Park 

Thangkrang Park 

Thangkrang Park is also a very well-known spot in Meghalaya for tourism.

10.1 km far from cherapunji, it is a very beautiful park where you can visit with your family and friends,.

Thangkrang Park is open now for tourists, So you can go to this tourism spot and also view Kynrem falls in Thangkrang Park.


5) Arwah cave 

Arwah cave is located in Sohra which can be called a Mysterious and historic place because Arwah cave is well known for its fossil formations which are quite interesting to visit.

This cave is also known for its limestone structure, stalactite formations you would have a great experience exploring Arwah cave.

Arwah cave is going to open from September 20


Meghalaya is filled with greenery, and natural beauty, rocks, caves, waterfalls, living root bridges, fruits, and different types of vegetables.

Mawsynram is the wettest place in the world and Mawsynram is located in Meghalaya.

If you believe it is worthwhile to visit Meghalaya once in a lifetime, the above mentioned are the five places that are open or soon will be open for visitors during the lockdown.


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Published On: Sep 20, 2021