Flipkart Unveils ‘Student’s Club’ to provide curated shopping benefits to students

Flipkart Unveils ‘Student’s Club’ to provide curated shopping benefits to students

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The renowned Indian e-commerce company, Flipkart announced a  first-of-its-kind initiative to serve millions of Indian students by launching a dedicated virtual storefront on its app, dubbed the 'Flipkart Student's Club.' Hundreds of brands will participate in the store, providing a diverse selection to enhance students' shopping experiences.

The new initiative aims to connect millions of students across the country with brands and services that will enhance their experience and provide them with products and benefits through a one-stop shop. The programme is designed to onboard students through a simple verification process so that they can access a curation of products from various categories.

Today, nearly 20% of Flipkart's customers who shop for various products related to academic, athletic, cultural, social, and extracurricular interests are from the student fraternity from cities and towns across the country. They are also a growing customer base, accounting for nearly 32% of all e-commerce purchases.

Students and parents can browse through an extensive curation of brands, including Apple, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Puma, Levi's, United Colors of Benetton, Adidas, Skechers, Lakmé, Maybelline, Nivea, and Yonex, among others, through the Flipkart Student's Club, across products such as audio devices, laptops, mobiles, footwear, accessories, apparel, notebooks, water bottles, sunscreen, yoga mats, and more.

Flipkart connected with hundreds of students and parents of all ages in a variety of cities, including metros and tier 2 towns, to learn about their pain points, requirements, and wishlists, as well as how to improve their experiences. Access to services such as the latest software, OTT subscriptions, ed-tech courses, and the affordability of premium brands were found to be of particular interest. Flipkart created the Student's Club programme based on the information gleaned from these discussions.


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Published On: Jun 02, 2022