Mizoram:Huge hoards of explosives recovered in Aizwal

Mizoram:Huge hoards of explosives recovered in Aizwal

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Mizoram: A gigantic cache of war-like stores and explosives were recuperated in south Mizoram's Siaha District on the Indo-Myanmar border on Sunday.

Security forces and police arrested two people in association with the seizure.

"An Assam Rifles release said that the operation was carried out at Ainak village" based on particular data.

On learning, the development of two vehicles carrying explosives, "the operation teaming combining Assam Rifles troopers and state policemen set up a portable check post on the Indo-Myanmar border where the movement of vehicles" was expected.

According to the statement, The joint operation group intercepted the two vehicles from where a colossal stash of war-like stores and explosives were recouped.

Two people, who transported the war-like stores have been arrested and The two vehicles used for transporting the explosives and war-like stores have been seized.


The recuperations included Belox-10 explosives (124.2kg), Granular explosives (121.5 kg), gun powder explosives (49.9kg), 3,950 detonators, 120 Lellier & Belliot 30-06 bullets, 100 Lellier & Belliot .22 Hornet bullets, 12,000 meters of codex, and 106 tac shotgun ammunition belts.

The two accused are handed over to the state police.

On inquiry, the Assam Rifles stated that "it was found that the vehicles were hired by a Myanmar national for medical evacuation of Chin National Army(CNA) cadres to Aizawl."

The dispatches were heading to Myanmar to support the activity of the Chinland Defense force (CDF), which is battling against the military regime.




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Published On: Mar 01, 2022