India's COVID-19 positive daily count inches closer to 4 lakh mark

India's COVID-19 positive daily count inches closer to 4 lakh mark

Mizoram's COVID-19 tally reaches 7551 Mizoram's COVID-19 tally reaches 7551

NEW DELHI: The alarming rise in daily COVID-19 cases and deaths in India persisted on Wednesday, even as the number of active cases exceeded 3 million for the first time since the pandemic started.

The country has seen 3.79 lakh new cases and 3,596 deaths in the last 24 hours, the highest number on a single day.

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Maharashtra has been reporting the country's highest case count since the second wave began, and Wednesday's case count of 63,309 was no exception.

Uttar Pradesh registered 29,824 cases, while the national capital had 25,986.

Maharashtra continues to have the highest death rate in the world. The state recorded 985 deaths on Wednesday, the highest number so far.

It took 40 days for the number of cases to rise to cross 5 lakh.

On Wednesday, 14 states and UTs had their highest single day case count.

Karnataka and Kerala, for example, recorded 39,047 and 35,103 cases, respectively.

Similarly, the 17,207 cases in Bengal, 16,665 in Tamil Nadu, 16,613 in Rajasthan, 14,669 in Andhra Pradesh, 13,374 in Bihar, and 12,444 in Haryana were the highest ever in these states.

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Karnataka and Kerala, recorded 39,047 and 35,103 cases. Apart from these, the highest case counts on Wednesday were recorded in Odisha (8,386), Jharkhand (8,075), Uttarakhand (6,054), Goa (3,101), Himachal Pradesh (2,539), and Puducherry (1,258).

With 368 deaths, Delhi was the country's second worst city, followed by Uttar Pradesh, where COVID killed 266 people. COVID has been linked to over 229 deaths in Karnataka. Gujarat, Jharkhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh are six more states that have recorded over a hundred deaths.

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Edited By: Indira Chetry
Published On: Apr 29, 2021