Korean actor Ji Chang-Wook's fandom gives aid to Dimapur's poor amid Lockdown

Korean actor Ji Chang-Wook's fandom gives aid to Dimapur's poor amid Lockdown

Ji Chang-Wook Ji Chang-Wook

DIMAPUR: Good samaritan fans of South Korean superstar Ji Chang-wook today participated in a charitable effort in Nagaland's Dimapur, distributing COVID-19 essentials to the poorer classes of society at the local railway station.

On the eve of the Healer star's birthday, a sizable number of his fans under the banner of the Ji Chang-Wook International Team descended on the Dimapur railway station to help at least 100 underprivileged families. The theme of today's programme was 'AID FOR India- 'Assistance from the Heart.' They were joined in their act of benevolence by the Act of Kindness Society -- a Dimapur-based NGO.

Lenti Aier, the founding president of the Act of Kindness Society, revealed to InsideNE that packages containing 20 surgical masks, 5 ml spray sanitizers, and 5 Dettol soaps were provided to around 100 families.

"Kindness changes everything. In life, we all do struggle. And when someone shows us love through the act of kindness, we feel we are not alone. It creates belongingness hope in our hearts. Through this, we know with conviction that despite the tragic times we are facing, we can see love blooming around us in the world. We undertook this initiative to help the marginalized people as they do not have the means to purchase the necessities to give a solid fight to the COVID-19. The least we can do is show our love through an act of kindness which is a language everybody understands," Aier told InsideNE.

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For the uninitiated, the Ji Chang-wook International Team is a Philippines-headquartered fandom with members from different parts of the world that share their love for the popular Korean actor.

"Our mission is to increase Ji Chang-wook's popularity by promoting his works and good deeds. We are a nonprofit organization that enjoys the art of giving and this is the best way we can support our actor who is also an ardent believer in giving," the group has stated in an official release.

So far, the group has been supporting people in need in the Philippines and South Korea and today's initiative was its first in India.

"The only reason we chose India was because it was one of the worst-hit during the second wave of pandemic and we really wanted to extend our love and care through Ji Chang Wook. We really hope that this small act of gratitude brings a smile on their face, and contentment in the heart," the group wrote in its communique.

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Published On: Jul 05, 2021