Live Cricket Betting: Expert Tips to Bag the Most Profit

Live Cricket Betting: Expert Tips to Bag the Most Profit


Cricket betting has gained immense popularity in recent years. With the introduction of multiple online betting platforms, the number of people getting involved in the scene is increasing every day. Many people have made a fair share of profit in this market by sticking to the right strategy while wagering.

Online Cricket Betting:

Like any other sport, cricket is pretty unpredictable, and the odds can change at any moment during the game. It is almost like getting into real money gambling, where you can either earn your way out or lose the amount altogether. Therefore, it is best to follow a structured strategy while putting up a live cricket bet.

Below we have gathered up the top expert tips that will help you measure the situation accurately and get the most out of your cricket bets.

Understand the match format:

You need to have a thorough knowledge regarding all formats of the game, namely, Test cricket, one-day internationals, and the Twenty-20. According to experts, the betting strategy varies significantly in all three formats.

It is best to place your bet according to the format of the match taking place. For example, the odds for a T-twenty game would be different than the same for a Test match. Betting pros suggest that backing the first batting team in a Test is preferable as it gives them several advantages over the bowling team.

On the other hand, there are some additional scenarios to consider in the T-twenty. For example, the game can be played entirely in the day, night, or partially in the day and night. Therefore, it is best to examine the game format as per the team to back to make the live cricket betting a safe deal.

Know the odds:

The final payout in a bet is entirely dependent on the odds. Be it cricket or a live casino online, knowing the odds is essential to place the right bet. The outcome is reciprocal of the odds, meaning the higher the odds of an event, the lesser are the chances of that event happening and vice versa.

Consequently, if you place the bet on high odds, the chances of winning are low, but you will get a higher payout compared to playing with the low odd events.

In addition, the odds are also determined by crowd behavior. For example, if large numbers of bettors are backing a particular event, there are higher chances of that event taking place, and therefore, people are expecting a return for their money. This causes the odds of that event to go down. Therefore, you need to correctly interpret all the odd scenarios before placing a bet with real money gambling.

Be aware of all the betting arrangements:

Primarily, four betting formats are mostly used by every betting and live casino online platform. The details of the same are explained below:

  • Win/Lose

In this betting arrangement, the bets are placed for who will win the game or if the game will be tied. This is a straightforward format where you simply have to predict the winner.

  • Team-wise bets

In this format, bettors are supposed to wager on the collective outcomes of a team like winning the toss, target prediction, highest parentship, total fours and sixes, total wickets, and so forth.

  • Player wise bets

This format allows for betting on the individual performance of a player. There are many criteria for the individual performance like the man of the match, best batsman, best bowler, most runs scored, most wickets taken, most catches caught, etc.

  • Realtime bets

This is the most uncertain form of cricket betting. In this format, you have to guess what will happen on the next ball. The outcome can be anything like a four, a six, singles, doubles, wicket, wide, etc. So, it is recommended not to get into this kind of betting because this needs a high level of game analysis to predict what will happen on the next ball.

Study the weather forecast and pitch report

Wind direction and pitch conditions heavily influence the overall playing style of different teams. Bowling teams use the wind and pitch to their advantage by using the proper fast and spin bowlers to make it difficult for the batting side. So, it is always advisable to read the weather report and pitch conditions of the stadium before placing bets on a game.

Current form

One more thing to look forward to is the current form of the squad selected for the game. In-form players are going to perform better compared to the players who are not having the best time of their careers. Therefore, you can easily evaluate the ratio of in-form batsmen and bowlers in both teams before going ahead with your bets.


To sum it up, betting on cricket matches is no less than real money gambling. However, you can play it safe and increase your chances of winning by choosing a reliable betting website and analyzing all the factors mentioned above.

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Published On: Jan 27, 2022