Manipur: Agriculture Minist Bishwajit bats for oil palm cultivation, says will improve economy

Manipur: Agriculture Minist Bishwajit bats for oil palm cultivation, says will improve economy

Manipur: Agriculture Minist Bishwajit bats for oil palm cultivation, says will improve economy Manipur: Agriculture Minist Bishwajit bats for oil palm cultivation, says will improve economy

Manipur Agriculture Minister Th Biswajit on Friday said oil palm cultivation will not only improve the economy of the state but also the general environment of the area where it is cultivated.

Biswajit was speaking at the inauguration of District Agriculture Fair at State Mechanized Farm Complex, Lamphelpat, Imphal West on Friday.

The fair is organised by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) in association with District Agriculture Office, Imphal West.

The fair seeks to provide a platform for the farmers to showcase their products and give exposure for marketing of the crops.

The minister said the government plans to take up oil palm cultivation at the barren foothills of the state with an integrated farming system.

Biswajit was addressing at the State Mechanized Farm Complex, Lamphelpat, Imphal West, on Friday at the launch of the District Agriculture Fair.

The fair is being organised by the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) in collaboration with the Imphal West District Agriculture Office. The fair aims to create a forum for farmers to display their wares and gain publicity for crop marketing.

The minister stated that the government intends to start oil palm planting in the state's barren foothills using an integrated agricultural approach.

He further said, other countries might have faced a negative impact from oil palm cultivation owning to unsuitable local conditions whereas in Manipur it would have a positive impact on the environment.

Experts need to share the knowledge regarding the pros and cons of the plantation of palm oil trees in the state for a proper implementation of the scheme, he added.

Regarding chemical fertilizers he said, there is more than enough stock of fertilizers at present for distribution to farmers at subsidised rates, and they will be distributed after proper verification to the deserving farmers.


According to Biswajit, the agriculture department has been dealing with a number of challenges for several years, and the government is working to close the gaps.

He stated that the government is committed to addressing fertiliser concerns, and that if there is any misuse of fertilisers during distribution, strict action will be taken.

Biswajit also urged the farmers not to mislead the inspectors when collecting their fertiliser share.

According to him, using new technology in farming will raise yields and boost the state's economy.

If the rate of production is improved, the state will be able to export the products, which would aid in the overall development of the country.


The proposal has been put up to bore as many as 120 tube-wells in areas where there is scarcity of water and these areas will be a model for double cropping.

He added that a focus will be placed on the growth of marketable crops such as potatoes, mustard, and peas.

He urged for the use of nano-fertilizers to boost farm productivity while also preserving the environment. He believes that growing organic crops is essential for a healthy society.

According to the minister, holding the exhibition will provide a platform for farmers to showcase their production and gain exposure for agricultural sale. Buyers for Chakhao have expressed interest, and negotiations for marketing are underway, he said, following extensive research into the nutritional benefits of the product.

Under a new programme, the state-level crop competition would be restored, he added, urging officials and farmers to be innovative and responsible in order to make a difference.

Exhibitors of District Agriculture Fair 2022 include Imphal West District line departments; schemes from the department of Agriculture; input dealers of Imphal West and Farmer Group Stall of Imphal West. Altogether, 23 stalls were opened to showcase the various activities of these exhibitors.

Minister Biswajit, along with the officials, inspected the stalls and also interacted with the stall representatives.





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Published On: Jun 18, 2022