Manipur: Guv La Ganesan inaugurates memorial pillar, guest house in Imphal East 

Manipur: Guv La Ganesan inaugurates memorial pillar, guest house in Imphal East 

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Imphal: Manipur Governor La Ganesan inaugurated  a newly built Memorial Pillar and Guest House at Radha Madhab Mandap at  Uchekon Laikon in  Imphal East. Anisuba Lanjaoda Shri Govindajee Lengthabiramba Ningshing Khubam Seva Committee (ALGLNKSC) organised the inaugural function in accordance with the 9th Memorial Day.

In his address as chief guest, Governor La Ganesan encouraged the people to perform heroic deeds whenever the need arises. Man is born with a purpose in this world. God's role is to create human beings with a purpose, and we should carry out our responsibilities in whatever way we can, he added.

The memorial pillar and guest house were built in memory of ALGLNK by Power Minister Th Biswajit Singh with funds from the MLA Local Area Development Fund (LADF), which is a government-funded programme for small development projects.

The Governor praised ALGLNKSC's relentless efforts to uphold the tradition of commemorating Lord Shree Shree Govindajee's auspicious halting at the Mandap on Memorial Day for the past eight decades.

The governor praised the Seva Committee's and Minister Th Biswajit's initiatives for the welfare of the people, saying that he was confident that the committee would help and cooperate with those in need regardless of their position. He also urged state representatives to win the hearts of the people by working with sincerity, honesty, dedication, and transparency.

Leishemba Sanajaoba, a Rajya Sabha MP, sincerely thanked the Governor of Manipur for encouraging the Seva Committee members, as well as Th Biswajit Singh for constructing the guest house and memorial pillar on his own initiative.

He also brought up the road between Wangkhei and Yairipok to the Governor's attention.

The memorial pillar and guest house were built after much struggle, according to Th Biswajit Singh, and it demonstrates the Seva Committee's and the Constituency's dedication.

He emphasised the importance of establishing the memorial pillar and the guest house, saying that future generations will remember the state's history in relation to this specific site, which will become a tourist attraction.