Manipur: Self-taught Boy developed Personal Electric Vehicle

Manipur: Self-taught Boy developed Personal Electric Vehicle

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A self-taught boy from Manipur's Bishnupur district has been reported to have developed a Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV). while fuel prices have risen considerably across the country, including in Manipur, in recent weeks, forcing transporters to hike fares. But Nandalal Thiyam, who recently started college and went home in an electric vehicle developed by himself.

Many commuters were drawn to the 22-year-seamless old's style of propelling himself around busy roads, lanes, and highways by standing on the plank of his "Personal Electric Vehicle" (PEV) as if riding an electric skateboard with considerably larger wheels.

Nandalal, who hails from Nambol Balaramkhul Maning Leikai in Bishnupur district, drives his PEV for at least 30 kilometres round trip every day.

Earlier, in 2020 Nandalal had  developed a robot along with one of his junior collegues to help  in  detecting bomb. He made another robot ‘JON17’ out of scrap materials when he was in higher secondary school in 2017.

Nandalal, interestingly, is self-taught through the internet and research fueled by his growing curiosity and interests in the world of inventions. He further admitted that he had been offered free admission to a prestigious electronics engineering college in Manipur. However, he stated that he is not willing to receive formal education in the said field so far .

Nandalal described the mechanism of the Personal Electric Vehicle , PEV is powered by a 48-volt battery and that the speed and brake are controlled by a remote. While the vehicle can travel at least 25-30-40 kilometres depending on rider weight and road conditions, he said it can travel at a speed of 28 kilometres per hour.


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Published On: Apr 29, 2022