Mizoram Govt raises alarm over 'wax-coated' apples found near border

Mizoram Govt raises alarm over 'wax-coated' apples found near border

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AIZAWL: The Food & Administration Wing, Health & Family Welfare (H&FW), of the government of Mizoram issued a letter today and raising an alarm over synthetic wax found in many imported apples.

The Mizoram government's Food & Administration Wing has found out the waxed apples on a regular basis during the checking of imported fruits and vegetables at the state border.

As per the letter issued to the public by Food & Administration Wing, H&FW, Mizoram, several apples imported from outside the state are found coated with wax which is not advisable for human consumption and can be harmful to health without cleaning the wax first.

According to the notice, apples are to be eaten only after washing in hot water or peeling off the outer layer.

Generally, honey wax is used for apple coating sometimes, paraffin wax is used to keep the apples shine at a low cost. Use of paraffin wax is harmful to health as it may create a layer on the intestine and leads to serious stomach ailments.

The primary reasons for waxing are to prevent water loss (making up for the removal in the washing of the natural waxes in fruits that have them, particularly citrus but also, for example, apples) and thus retard shrinkage and spoilage, and to improve appearance.

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