Mizoram's Esther Hnamte catches PM Modi's eye, he calls her "adorable and admirable"

Mizoram's Esther Hnamte catches PM Modi's eye, he calls her "adorable and admirable"

Esther Hnamte Esther Hnamte

GUWAHATI: Esther Hnamte from Mizoram girl has thoroughly impressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Chief Minister of Mizoram, Zoramthanga, had shared a short clip of the little girl singing Vande Mataram. The video was posted on his Twitter account on October 30, 2020.

The tweet had already garnered over 7.93 lakh views, 30,000, likes, and over 6,000 retweets. Recently, it was re-tweeted by PM Modi, who was very impressed with the little girl rendition of Vande Mataram.

PM Modi wrote: "Adorable and admirable! Proud of Esther Hnamte for this rendition."

Esther Hnamte hails from Mizoram's Lunglei. The clip shows her singing the national song in the middle of a school ground while holding a national flag in her hand. Other children in the background wave the flags in their hands as Esther continues to sing.

The video goes on to show Esther and the other children in various locations, with shots of Mizoram's picturesque landscape.

The full video, which is available on YouTube, has over 1.3 crore views.

It was posted with the caption: "Dear brothers and sisters, Be proud that you are an Indian, it is a land of love, care, and affection. so lovely the variety in languages, cultures, lifestyle..let us stand together to be good sons and daughters for our motherland in spite of the diversities."

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Published On: Mar 14, 2022