Nagaland gets its first-ever Queer Beauty Queen

Nagaland gets its first-ever Queer Beauty Queen


When the rest of the world is celebrating 'Pride Month,' Bhutan has its first-ever queer beauty queen, 23-year-old Tashi Choden Chombal, who was elected Miss Bhutan 2022.

Choden, who was born in Nagaland, is a proud lesbian who will represent the Himalayan nation at the Miss Universe beauty contest in 2022.

Choden, who is self-assured and proud of her sexual orientation, declared her bisexuality on her Facebook page last year. 'The Bhutanese' described her as stating, "As I conducted more research and reading, I understood that I am actually a woman comfortable in my body and attracted to other women."

Tashi Choden Chombal was born in Nagaland to a Bhutanese mother and a Tibetan father, and she was reared there until she was three years old.

Tashi's mother, Kinley Wangmo, was from Bhutan's Shaa area, while her father, Chombal, was a Tibetan Khampa trader from Nagaland.

Choden's parents died when she was 14 years old, and she was raised in Bhutan by her maternal aunt and grandmother.

Tashi obtained her first modelling job a year after her parents died, when she was 15 years old, and has since competed in other beauty pageants.

She entered the Miss Bhutan contest and won it after performing multiple modelling work, winning a few beauty pageants, and starring in a few Bhutanese films.