'Need Jesus now more than ever': Nagaland MLAs win hearts with viral gospel video

'Need Jesus now more than ever': Nagaland MLAs win hearts with viral gospel video

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GUWAHATI: COVID-19 is affecting the entire world badly, making people depressed and anxious. Amid all this trouble and chaos, legislators in Nagaland have come together to heal the world through music.

Dr. Nicky Kire, adviser to urban development and municipal affairs, Neiba Kronu, minister for planning and coordination, Tovihoto Ayemi, adviser to the department of Power, and MLA Toyang Chang got together to perform a melodious gospel song about Christ and how he is needed now more than ever as "we are sailing in stormy weather."

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“We are sailing in stormy weather, but this song lifts our spirits, reminds us that it isn’t forever, and gives us the inspiration to fight on and know that the Almighty is with us,” deputy chief minister of Nagaland Y Patton wrote while sharing the clip.

High Powered Committee (HPC) spokesperson Mmhonlumo Kikon also took to Twitter to share the video. “The quartet from the Nagaland Legislative Assembly singing for hope amidst the Pandemic! 







#ToyangChang performs"> 

with baritone notes from Dimapur.”

Meanwhile, netizens have welcomed the quartet's attempts to heal through music and their effort has been hailed on Twitter.

"No matter we are daily bread farmers or politician, we are all God's Children. We must praise and worship Him of whose mercy we are still breathing. Everything belongs to God. We own nothing except our souls. So help the poor needy people in this bad times. God bless you all," wrote one user, while another said, "Amazing! God bless them."

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Published On: Jun 18, 2021