Northeast's Ade goes viral for stunning rendition of Bon Jovi hit 'Always'

Northeast's Ade goes viral for stunning rendition of Bon Jovi hit 'Always'

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GUWAHATI: Ade, a Naga singer based in Mizoram, has become a social media sensation after his rendition of Bon Jovi's 1994 hit 'Always' blew up on the internet a few days ago.

Ade's rendition of the pop-rock ballad first came to notice after noted guitarist Victor Vanlalhruaia made a reaction video on his YouTube channel 'Victor dA scavenger.'

Ade performed the song in March earlier this year. And let us just tell you here -- Ade totally smashed it! Everyone who has heard Ade's rendition of the hit song has commended his ability to hit the impossibly high notes without losing the slightest bit of control. Even during the iconic chorus, his voice barely quivered-- truly a performance worthy of the great Bon Jovi himself!

Not an easy song to sing by any measure, 'Always' peaked at #4 US Billboard Hot 100 and is considered the gold standard for Bon Jovi songs.

Victor was so very impressed by the rendition that he told his audience that he will call Ade for collaboration as soon as he gets his number!

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The original video, uploaded on '7 PRODUCTION OFFICIAL', has racked up an impressive 36K views and promises to only grow in popularity as people discover his stunning talent.

Ade, no doubt overwhelmed by the sudden rise in his popularity, commented on the video thanking the public for their support.

"Guys Ade here..we are so happy and glad to see all the positive responses.To be honest I really don't know how to express but thanks alot for the love and support.... The thing is I love this song and I'm a big fan of Jon bon Jovi....I always wish to meet him somday......the funny thing is I forgot lots of lyrics..but still you all are so positive towards me... infact I really thank 7production and all my band mates as well as the video coverage by Skynet cable tv Lawngtlai etc (sic)," he wrote.

According to the Twitter account 'Mizo Zeitgeist', Ade married a Mizo and is now settled down in Lawngtlai in Mizoram. Not much else is known about him but we have a feeling that he is about to become much more famous in the future thanks to his impossible-to-ignore talent!

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Published On: Jun 01, 2021