'Organic Bags' are Becoming Increasingly Common in Meghalaya

'Organic Bags' are Becoming Increasingly Common in Meghalaya

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Shillong, June 30, 2019:

It seems like the 'World Environment Day' is a never-ending carnival in Meghalaya. The 'World Environment Day' celebrations which began in 'land of the clouds' Meghalaya on June 5, are apparently still going on, thanks to the untiring efforts of the administration to turn Meghalaya 'cleaner' and 'greener' to tackle environmental issues by going 'organic'.

Organic bags, which the environment had launched during the World Environment Day, are slowly becoming more and more commonplace in the State, if Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma is to be believed!

Recently on Twitter, the Chief Minister shared some pictures of shopes which had put up stickers declaring that they only use the organic bags recommended by the Meghalaya administration.

A tweet sent out from the Chief Minister's official Twitter handle read: "Happy to see the bio organic bags launched on world environment day this year have started making their way to the market. Encourage all to start using these bags and saying no to plastic. Small steps we all can make for our environment."

This is indeed a noble initiative from the Government as plastics are a great cause of concern for us due to their non-biodegradable nature.

Moreover, the Burning of plastic in the open air, leads to environmental pollution due to the release of poisonous chemicals. The polluted air when inhaled by humans and animals affect their health and can cause severe respiratory problems.

When plastic is thrown on land, it makes the soil less fertile. When thrown in water it chokes our ponds, rivers and oceans and harms the sea life, as the bacteria in their intestines are unable to break down the plastics.

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