Planning of Ganga Manohar Program in Pasighat

Planning of Ganga Manohar Program in Pasighat


Guwahati, December 27, 2018:

River Ganga flows into the Siang River and water of Siang will be mixed in Ganges during Kumbhamela.

Ganga Manohar Program was organized on behalf of today's Sanskar Bharti on the banks of the Siang River near Pasighat in East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh where Prayagraj Sea ganga River was brought to the water in the Siang river and water of Siang river will be mixed in the Sangam site during the Mahakumbh Mela starting in January in Prayagraj.

Sanskar Bharti co-regional leader Sukhbir Vishwas said that on 12th January the Ganga will be connected to Kapani Kumbhamela in the confluence of the Eastern Prayagraj. But this time Uttar Pradesh's Yogi Aditya Nath's Government has availed North East two acres of land, for presentation of art and culture of North East.

The former Education Minister called the Siang River as an integral part of India and said that the flow of Ganga water in Siang river and mixing the river of Siang in the Ganges are symbols of unity in the variety.

Local legislator Kaling Moyong said that the Ganges and Siang River have joined today. As well, they thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for conducting the Railway Co-Road Bridge on Bogibil located in Dhemaji district of Assam.

Today many organizational events will be organized during the Ganga Manohar program. In this program, many special people including the idiocy T. Borag were present on behalf of the district administration.

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Published On: Dec 28, 2018