Ramnunmawii from Mizoram becomes 93-yr-old COVID positive granny's caretaker; here's her story

Ramnunmawii from Mizoram becomes 93-yr-old COVID positive granny's caretaker; here's her story

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AIZAWL: CT Ramnunmawii from Mizoram's Champhai Ruantlang has been lauded on the internet after she chose to take care of a 93-year-old suffering from the deadly COVID-19 disease at a government-run facility in Mizoram.

Ramnunmawii, who is pursuing LLB at Lloyd Law College in Greater Noida, informed InsideNE that she tested positive for Covid-19 upon arrival in Mizoram.

The 24-year-old today disclosed to this publication the circumstances leading up to the moment when she became the unlikely attendant of the 93-year-old who is currently receiving care at the Zoram Medical College (ZMC) at Falkawn.

"I returned home from Delhi on 6th April and was tested negative for Covid at the airport, and I tested again through RT-PCR at ZMC on 7th April and was found negative again. After having symptoms, I was tested positive on 10th April and was immediately taken to BSUP Covid Care Centre, Durtlang," she informed InsideNE.

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She then gradually recovered and was to be tested again on 20th April. But in the evening of 19th April, she saw a message of the BSUP CCC WhatsApp group which mentioned that a 93-year-old lady was taken there and all she could say was her name and that she lived somewhere near Lengpui.

"I rushed to the mentioned room and found her sitting on the floor, she didn't know why she was there and insisted to go home. She kept asking if her family was coming. I talked to the medical personnel and told them about her condition and was told that they are trying to refer her to ZMC," she said, adding "But seeing her condition, I didn't feel right to let her go alone and asked the duty if I could go tag along with her. The doctors and authorities agreed and let me be her attendant."

"Honestly, it was not a pleasant sight to see a 93-year-old woman in that condition, and I know that she can't even go to the bathroom on her own. I felt that it was my responsibility as a human and I truly feel that as a Christian, God kept me there for her. So that's why I insisted on taking care of her," Ramnunmawii told us.

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