SC directs all states to implement the "One Nation, One Ration" scheme by July 2021

SC directs all states to implement the "One Nation, One Ration" scheme by July 2021

One Nation, One Ration One Nation, One Ration

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today said that the "One Nation, One Ration" Scheme for migrant workers must be implemented by all states by July this year.


It emphasised that state governments "must operate communal kitchens to feed migrants until the pandemic is gone."

The state governments must develop scheme for distributing dry rations to migrants, said the court.

Moreover, the central government has also been to allocate additional food grains to the states.

On the other hand, the central government must develop and put in place a portal for registering unorganised and migratory workers, and commence the process before  July 31, said a two-judge panel of Justices Ashok Bhushan and MR Shah.

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Under the scheme, migrant workers can get rations at the place of their work in other states where their ration cards are not registered.

The Supreme Court also ordered the Centre and state governments series of directives on the welfare of migrant workers affected by COVID-19.

The court was hearing petition filed by activists seeking orders to the Centre and states to ensure migrant workers' food security, monetary transfers, transportation, and other welfare measures.

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Published On: Jun 29, 2021