Sikkim: Ad-hoc teachers demand scrapping of 're-interview' order

Sikkim: Ad-hoc teachers demand scrapping of 're-interview' order

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GANGTOK: Hundreds of ad-hoc teachers today gathered near the Sikkim Education Department office opposing the state government's notification on re-walk-in interviews for teachers who were appointed in 2020 after sitting for interviews.

"We all have been through our interviews in 2020 once. Why do we need to go through it over and over again? That is our main point," said one of the teachers protesting near the Education Department. "If the interview is the only solution then we will be standing for that solution as well but it has to be for regular jobs not ad-hoc."

According to the teachers gathered outside, the representatives of the ad-hoc teachers had met education department officials but were very unhappy with the meeting.

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Dissatisfied teachers later said they wanted to meet higher authorities but no one was there so they demanded the withdrawal of the government notification which instructs for re-walk-in interview for teachers.

Further, they also told that they will also meet the chief minister in the coming days pertaining to the same.

According to this group of teachers, some teachers have been hired on an ad-hoc basis without an interview and they have been appointed till March 2022.

Calling the termination of their appointments "unfair", they firmly opposed having to sit for an interview again.

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Published On: Jun 29, 2021