Sikkim: SKM wants opposition to stop misinformation campaign

Sikkim: SKM wants opposition to stop misinformation campaign


The ruling SKM held a coordination meeting of all frontal organisations from Gangtok, Pakyong, and Mangan districts on Tuesday at Saramsa Garden near Ranipool.

Speakers at the SKM meeting condemned the SDF's alleged attempt to defame the SKM government by staging an attack on party president Pawan Chamling's convoy in Gangtok on the first day of the Budget Session 2022-23. The purpose of the frontal meeting was to inform the public about Chamling's failed attempts to destabilise the SKM government and to put an end to the opposition's misinformation campaign, according to the organisers.

The event's chief guest, Urban Development Minister Arun Upreti, claimed that the former Chief Minister failed miserably in the Budget Session.

“When Chamling arrived for the Budget Session, he clearly stated that he did not attend the Assembly for three years since he was verbally abused in the first session of the new government. When I asked him when and who from SKM did such thing, he was left speechless,” said Upreti.

Upreti said it was an old ploy of Chamling to play the victim card. “When SKM won and formed the government, he had clearly called our Chief Minister P.S. Golay as an illegal Chief Minister and Golay cannot be the Chief Minister. However, within six months, Golay won the bye-election to become the Chief Minister,” he said.

Upreti, who is also the SKM general secretary, stated that party members and janta should respect the party, the Chief Minister's words, and the party symbol, the 'table lamp,' "as it is for the benefit of the people of Sikkim."

He urged the Sikkimese janta to be patient and not to compare the work of the SKM government to that of Chamling's 25-year government.

“In a span of less than three years, we have initiated various development programmes and schemes. We could have done more but the Covid pandemic led to a global lockdown. Our Chief Minister has a big heart and is working for the people and development of Sikkim. It is time to support him and work hand-in-hand for the development of Sikkim. It is time for the janta to work for the development of Sikkim and not just for personal gains,” said the minister.

In his speech, Transport Minister Sanjeet Kharel stated that the SKM government believes in maintaining peace in the state and is not engaged in hate politics.

"Our Chief Minister has worked tirelessly for the benefit of the people of Sikkim, particularly the poor. Previously, the SDF government was known as 'Chamling and Company,' and it only worked for the benefit of Chamling and his family. We are confident that SKM will win all 32 seats in the 2024 elections, and that SKM will be in power for 30 years, rather than 25 years," Kharel said.

Namcheybong MLA Em Prasad Sharma told the audience that the SKM government has been working in various sectors such as education, health, religion, and various schemes with the goal of creating employment, particularly among youth, and development.

In his address, Chief Minister's political secretary Jacob Khaling mentioned that the SKM has 18 frontal organisations and that regular meetings with party cadres are held. He stated that the next meeting with the frontal organisations of Namchi, Soreng, and Geyzing is scheduled to take place soon.


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Published On: Apr 06, 2022