Tripura: Women hospitalized after attack by Wild Bear

Tripura: Women hospitalized after attack by Wild Bear

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Tripura: On Monday, a wild bear attacked a woman in the Laxmicherra area of South Tripura district, leaving her gravely injured.

The 45-year-old victim had gone deep into the forest to collect tubers and veggies but had not returned. Later, she was discovered by a local youngster, who took her to a neighbouring hospital.

According to ANI, the woman's name is Mousanti Reang.

Swapna Reang, the victim’s neighbour was quoted by ANI as saying, “She went to collect forest vegetables like every day but she did not come back in time. Sensing trouble, the local youth went to the jungle in searching and found her lying on the surface bleeding profusely. The locals noticed that she was attacked by a wild bear and both of her eyes were knocked out by the predator. She sustained sharp cuts on her face and other parts of the body.”


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Published On: Apr 18, 2022