“The unfolding tragedy in Afghanistan” - Gains of 20 years lost in 10 days

“The unfolding tragedy in Afghanistan” - Gains of 20 years lost in 10 days

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Ayushi Agarwal (Freelance Journalist)

Yesterday, the world witnessed something that was bound to happen. As presumed in April, when the United States shredded its responsibilities and decided to withdraw its military forces in Afghanistan, the Taliban was a clear winner. Soon after the February 2020 Doha agreement concluded, Taliban was quick in its advances. Scuttling and moving like a fire, burning the entire country and leaving the people in dismay and disconcert.

The panic-stricken Afghans were seen hopeless yesterday. All they could see were some chinooks hovering over the embassies to lift the diplomats safely. What about the people in Afghanistan? They were landlocked, hunkering indoors, thronging to the airports, and seeing their country falling to the Taliban.

The Predicament that Afghans are witnessing today includes unclear guidance by its leadership (President Ashraf Ghani who turned his back towards the people of Afghanistan and fled the country). All he left behind we’re some band of representatives to complete the transition and hand over. The inadequate strategic communications and insufficient support and aid added salt to the wounds.

In Afghanistan’s fight against the Taliban, the United States is the clear loser. Evacuating bases in the dead of night- jolting Afghan forces and leaving them low on morale and confidence, giving Taliban a free win in Kabul.

The hardest hit will be Afghan girls and women. Fears of the Taliban trampling on people’s freedom and imposing medieval forms of justice are already coming true. The woman can no longer walk free and fearless. The future of 6 million people is at stake in the capital city of Kabul.

What happened yesterday was not the result of a haste US exit from Afghanistan in April, instead, the Taliban were growing bolder since the US started reducing its troops in 2014. With up to 85,000 full-time fighters, the Taliban are stronger today than ever in the past 20 years.

[caption id="attachment_99791" align="alignnone" width="876"] Afghan citizens at the Kabul airport trying to flee the country[/caption]

Clearly, the gains of 20 years fell apart in just 10 days. Zaranj was the first provincial capital falling to the Taliban on August 6th, Sheberghan on August 7th, Sar-e-pul, Taloqabn and Kunduz on 8th, Aybak on 9th, Pul-e-Khumri on 10th, Kandahar and Herat on 12th, Mazar-i-Sharif on 14th, and Jalalabad and Kabul on 15th. Just 10 days. Ten..

The fleeing of their President paved the way for the Taliban more easily, leaving the people in discrimination, anger, and shame.

The World’s biggest military-trained army fell in just 20 days. The onus should be on the United States which should be questioned on foreign policy and its leadership. The crunch that Afghanistan’s people are facing today should be solidaritated, supported, aided instead of leaving it to their fates!

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Published On: Aug 16, 2021