Woman eats dead husband's ashes; becomes addicted to it

Woman eats dead husband's ashes; becomes addicted to it

Woman eats dead husband's ashes Woman eats dead husband's ashes

GUWAHATI: Casie, 26-year-old woman from the United Kingdom, has admitted to having strange addiction to eating her dead husband's ashes.

In an appearance on the television show 'My Strange Addiction,' Casie admitted this.

Casie told how she developed the habit of eating from the urn of the ashes.

Casie and Sean first met in 2009, and they married after only ten months of dating.


Unfortunately, Casie's husband Sean died due to an asthma attack.

Since then, Casie has been carrying the urn around with her.

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"I take my husband everywhere," she said.  Wherever I go, he goes. Whether it's the grocery store, shopping, movies, or restaurants, he goes with me," she added.

While that may have looked normal to some, everyone was taken aback when she disclosed that she not only carries the ashes but also licks them.

"I didn't want to wipe him away, that's my husband, so I just licked him off my fingers.

And here I am, some two months later, being unable to stop myself from eating my husband's ashes "Casie said.

Because human ashes can not be eaten like regular food, Casie nibbles on them by wrapping them around her finger and then licking them off.

"I swirl it around till it's good and caked on there, and then I just eat it," she added.

Despite the fact that she dislikes the taste of ashes, she finds that eating them provides her joy and an increase in adrenaline.

she said, "It has a rotten egg taste and a sandpaper taste. However, I have grown to like that flavor. What started out as a wish to get rid of him has turned into a want to devour him."

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Published On: Oct 22, 2021