Youth from Rangia allegedly joins banned organization ULFA(I)

Youth from Rangia allegedly joins banned organization ULFA(I)


In recent times, it has been observed that young people and married men have joined hands to join the banned organisation ULFA(I). The news of the recent execution of some members of ULFA(I) on suspicion of releasing information has created a stir in the state and the news of the participation of some youth from Upper and lower Assam in ULFA(I) has been circulating in the state. 

The fact that a big number of Assamese youth have joined the organization after continuing their attempts to bring peace negotiations with ULFA(I)  has been a source of contention.

However, no one has been able to produce definitive facts in this area. Sirazul Islam alias Rinku, who came out of his residence to Rangiya Railway Station on the 4th of May, the day after Eid, announced that he had joined ULFA (I).

In 2016, Rinku was accused with the murder of his wife. "Similar, baseless charges concerning his wife's health have been made more than once," he said in a statement released Friday.