‘Drunken Monkey’ in Guwahati combines taste and health

‘Drunken Monkey’ in Guwahati combines taste and health

Drunken Monkey Drunken Monkey

Guwahati, May 1, 2019:

If you want to be high on alcohol, then this is definitely not your place! But if you happen to be health expert (as you very well should be!), then you should definitely check out ‘Drunken Monkey’, located in the posh GS Road locality in Guwahati metro.

Are you planning to eat healthy and want the perfect environment too?

Guwahati city has found its hub of perfect environment and healthy food and the popular brand ‘Drunken Monkey’ has arrived in Guwahati.

Drunken Monkey

‘Drunken Monkey’, the only smoothie brand in India, first came up in Hyderabad back in 2016. After an overwhelming response all over the country, the first outlet in Guwahati has been established by Biswajit Medhi, a young entrepreneur based in Guwahati.

‘Drunken Monkey’ products are ideal for marathon runners and cross-fit trainers to extreme fitness. Meditation and yoga to green beauty products, health and wellness trends are more mainstream than ever.

In today’s era, health is no longer about going to the gym or following a particular diet, it is a lifestyle. And ‘Drunken Monkey’ has managed to occupy the space of being the only smoothie brand which deals with fitness.

Drunken Monkey has an extensive menu over 170 varieties of smoothies made from locally sourced, natural ingredients, without preservatives.

Ranging from all-natural fresh fruit shakes to decadently indulgent smoothies, from detox smoothies to protein smoothies, Drunken Monkey has variants that help recovery from a night of partying. Indeed, ‘Drunken Monkey’ caters to a wide variety of taste buds.

‘Drunken Monkey’ also has options of coffee shakes.

When you come to ‘Drunken Monkey’, you will get an average smoothie for around 150 INR and you can be assured that the juices are made of real fruits without any added sugar or preservatives.

“We want Drunken Monkey to be a place where customers connect to the Wi-Fi and work or disconnect and relax over a smoothie”, says Bishwajit Medhi, the budding Guwahati entrepreneur.

A collection of nostalgic board games, comic books, and guitars complement the relaxed atmosphere and the unique environment of ‘Drunken monkey’. It is truly a place where you want to be.

Biswajit reveals some interesting tidbits about ‘Drunken Monkey’ in a candid chat with Inside Northeast:

Healthy food and perfect atmosphere, how did you manage the expectations?

The city people these days are attracted towards new choices and which is different. Therefore, Drunken Monkey has tried to occupy the space.

Why the name ‘Drunken Monkey’? Kindly explain the concept behind the establishment.

‘Drunken Monkey’, as the name suggests, means we are all upgraded versions of monkeys and the tagline “naturally high” suggests upgraded versions of monkeys high with natural fruits.

‘Drunken Monkey’ is basically providing fruits and healthy food to the consumers, which has always been the idea behind ‘Drunken Monkey’.

This smoothie brand was begun to counter the basic coffee culture.

After a period of more than 5 years of research, ‘Drunken Monkey’ brand has given an alternative to coffee.

This smoothie brand has created an impact on the mindset of the people by putting wellness at the forefront of their minds.

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Published On: May 01, 2019