Want a Tattoo Masterpiece? Step into ‘Ink Hysteria’ for your tattooing needs

Want a Tattoo Masterpiece? Step into ‘Ink Hysteria’ for your tattooing needs

Want a Tattoo Masterpiece? Step into ‘Ink Hysteria’ for your tattooing needs Want a Tattoo Masterpiece? Step into ‘Ink Hysteria’ for your tattooing needs

Guwahati, January 13, 2019:

When in Guwahati, the choices regarding where to get a tattoo are almost endless! A new shop opens up almost every month and every tattoo artist from all over the city stops in to be a guest spot or a resident artist, Ink-Hysteria is just the place to be. A great place to grow, to work and to compare your work with others. Ink-Hysteria is now home to two of the most promising and finest professional tattoo artists out there. They are Pallab Dhar and Zohan Hussain who are jointly crafting some masterpieces.

Whether you are looking to get some masterpiece portrait as a first tattoo or a beautifully intricate Asian piece on your back, Ink-Hysteria is the place to go. Very nice, gracious and talented, Pallab popularly known as Skinject Pallab is really leaving a mark in the tattoo scene. And you can also find him at the most prestigious tattoo conventions of the country, like the Heart work Tattoo festival at Delhi, for instance. He specializes in fine portrait imagery, but illustrative and ornamental designs are also his strengths.

Every single tattoo is made with love and care, for every single client. He tattooing early in life and Pallab is definitely one artist to keep an eye on!

I myself got inked at Ink-Hysteria and Both Pallab and Zohan took care of me, while Pallab designed my tattoo. These guys are very conscious about the hygiene and about the piece being properly stamped on the skin!

Pallab and Zohan both were continuously asking me and reminding me of how to take tetanus after the work, or just to keep it properly clean.

So, visit this place if you intend to get inked!

So, let’s get to know Pallab a little better in this brief interview!

Q. What makes Ink Hysteria so special for tattooing in your opinion and how this city influences your work?

A. Everyone who comes to Ink Hysteria knows that love and hate feeling that hunts you. That’s the exhausting and overstimulating lifestyle you can have here, it’s like a drug. I feel Ink Hysteria it’s great, for everybody though. If you are willing to work hard it’s possible to make it, but you just need to work harder than anywhere else. Ink-Hysteria just happens to be the best place to step in if you are searching for realistic stories to be inked.

Q. How’s your bonding with Zohan?

A. Oh! He’s mad when he sits down to ink! Also, an awesome buddy to work with

Q. Who is Pallab in his private life?

A. Well if I told you it wouldn’t be private anymore! I wake up and step down to the parlour and begins with the work.

Q. What are your hobbies and your passions?

A. I love to sketch and of course tattooing is parallelly my passion and profession.

Q. Do you like going to tattoo conventions, travelling?

A. I love to travel and going to conventions, I think it’s a great way to see your old friends and make new ones.