Assam Lok Sabha elections: Sonitpur ready with over 1800 polling stations, 48 hour dry day declared

Assam Lok Sabha elections: Sonitpur ready with over 1800 polling stations, 48 hour dry day declared

Sonitpur district in Assam is actively preparing for the initial phase of the Lok Sabha elections with over 1800 polling stations. The preparations include the deployment of over 10,000 polling personnel and a range of measures to assist voters.

Story highlights
  • Over 1800 polling stations established in Sonitpur district for Lok Sabha elections.
  • More than 10,000 polling personnel deployed for smooth voting.
  • Measures to assist voters include information guides, braille ballot papers, and webcasting in critical polling stations.

The electoral machinery in Sonitpur district of Assam is in full swing as preparations for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections are underway. With over 1800 polling stations set up in the Sonitpur parliamentary constituency, authorities are ensuring a seamless voting process for the electorate.

The dispatch of polling parties to their designated stations commenced on Thursday from Darrang College in Sonitpur district. This deployment, comprising nearly 5000 polling personnel for 1100 polling stations, underscores the meticulous planning by the district election office.

Kavita Kakati Konwar, Additional District Commissioner of Sonitpur District, highlighted the extensive arrangements made, including the deployment of more than 10,000 polling personnel for the Sonitpur Lok Sabha seat. Special focus has been given to model polling stations, with around 150 designated as women-only stations.

The Sonitpur district election office dispatches polling parties for the first phase of the Lok Sabha election, Additional District Commissioner (ADC) Sonitpur Kabita Kakati Konwar says, "we have called 5000 people here, more than 1100 presiding officers are present. Sector and zonal officers are keeping an eye on the preparations. We have 150 women polling stations only. Security officers are also women there."

Anurag Goel, Chief Electoral Officer of Assam, reiterated the commitment to a fair and efficient electoral process. GPS tracking devices have been installed in vehicles carrying Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), while satellite phones are being provided in remote areas to ensure communication reliability.

Furthermore, a "dry day" has been declared 48 hours before the polls, and a paid holiday is granted to facilitate voter participation. This proactive approach aims to encourage widespread voter turnout and ensure democratic participation.

Assam's Election department has also implemented measures to assist voters, including information guides and braille ballot papers for visually impaired voters. Additionally, webcasting in critical polling stations will enhance transparency and oversight, with over 11,000 cameras deployed for monitoring purposes.

With around 86.47 lakh voters set to cast their votes across 10,001 polling stations in the first phase, the stage is set for a significant democratic exercise in Assam's electoral landscape.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: Apr 18, 2024