Meghalaya: TMC leader Mukul Sangma failed to represent the aspiration of Songsak people, claims NPP

Meghalaya: TMC leader Mukul Sangma failed to represent the aspiration of Songsak people, claims NPP

Meghalaya CM termed Mukul Sangma as ungrateful that he chose to contest from the Tikrikilla constituency while being an elected MLA from Songsak.

TMC leader Mukul Sangma failed to represent the aspiration of Songsak people, claims NPP TMC leader Mukul Sangma failed to represent the aspiration of Songsak people, claims NPP

National People’s Party (NPP) Chief Conrad K Sangma on February 14 campaigned for Nihim D Shira, Rakesh A Sangma and Rakkam A Sangma along with senior party leader Thomas A Sangma in their respective constituencies across the Garo Hills. 

Seeking a mandate for Songsak candidate Nihim D Shira at an election meeting, Conrad said the people of Songsak had suffered as their MLA was busy only in politics running from Congress to TMC and failed to represent the aspiration of the people. 

He termed Mukul as ungrateful that he chose to contest from Tikrikilla while being an elected MLA from Songsak. “People of Songsak should ask Mukul if he wins both the seats, which one he will resign,” the NPP chief reasoned while stating that the mood is not in favour of TMC and Mukul will lose both the seats. 

Stating that the people of Songsak are fortunate to have Nihim as their leader as he is ever willing to work for the people of Songsak, the NPP chief said, “Mukul never came to me. He was busy in his own world. He forgot his people from the constituency and now he is juggling between Songsak and Tikrikilla with the hope to win. People should not get carried away by his false promises, and vote for a party that is forming the Government with an absolute majority."

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He further said the political readings are very clear and people from every nook and corner of the State have come together to pitch strongly for the NPP. 

“We are confident of winning a majority of seats. Our reading is that this time NPP will win both Songsak and Tikrikilla. Mukul’s days are numbered as people will vote for a party that cares," he expressed. 

NPP leader and candidate of 41-Songsak, Nihim D Shira, lambasted his rival Mukul Sangma for his fake promises to the people of Songsak. 

Nihim said Mukul is scared as he could not fulfil his promises and is running away to Tikrikilla. 

At Melim, under 56- Gambegre constituency, Conrad hit out at Rakesh Sangma’s rival candidate Saleng Sangma and the Congress which has completely lost ground in Meghalaya and is in no position to even win 2 seats in the entire State. 

The Meghalaya Chief Minister stressed that the NPP has worked with complete honesty and sincerity to deliver on the promises and demands of the people. He informed that several Civil Sub Division and C&RD blocks which were created last year in the State were long cherished demands of the people, which were fulfilled by the NPP-led Govt.

Rakesh Sangma said that his opponent has no other point so he is simply questioning his identity. “I am glad that the people of Gambegre will not buy their words as they have united to wholeheartedly support me,” he appealed. 

He told the gathering that under Conrad’s leadership, the state is marching towards progress and fast-paced development.

At the election meeting at Rongara, under the 58-Rongara Siju constituency, Conrad Sangma said in the last five years despite different challenges the NPP-led Govt managed to push development in the State.  

“We have managed to initiate iconic projects in different regions of the State. Our mantra has been holistic development and growth of the State. We ensure equitable and inclusive development interventions,” he said.

“The political scenario in 2018 and 2023 is completely different. The public in Meghalaya today has complete trust in NPP, which has forced Mukul Sangma & his team to leave Congress and join TMC. They had won 21 in 2018 but today Congress has zero MLAs,” he added. 

He further said that Congress has a problem with leadership and the party had weakened across the country. 

“The Congress party has been rejected by all States, however, Mukul and his calculation to join TMC has gone wrong as the party has no future. TMC is embroiled in several scams in West Bengal and looks like the party will collapse in Meghalaya. TMC MLAs Marthon Sangma and Jimmy Sangma left TMC to join NPP as they realised that no future is there in TMC," he said. 

He also mentioned that leaders from different political parties including sitting MLAs have joined NPP as they know that there is a future in NPP and they are convinced that NPP is returning to power with an absolute majority.

NPP candidate from 58-Rongara Siju constituency, Rakkam A Sangma, lauded Conrad K Sangma for according thrust for the development of the backward region of South Garo Hills. 

He urged the people to support his candidature so that the momentum of development will be further accelerated in South Garo Hills. 

He listed the ongoing construction of highways from Rongara to Ranikor and other development interventions initiated by the NPP Government. 

He also pointed out the lack of mobile connectivity in the past and how Conrad K Sangma took the personal initiative to initiate dialogue with telecom service providers to ensure connectivity and internet services in remote locations of South Garo Hills.

In all three meetings on Tuesday, a large number of supporters from different political parties pledged their support to NPP.

Edited By: Atiqul Habib
Published On: Feb 14, 2023