End of an era for the regional parties in Northeast, embrace mainstream: JP Nadda

End of an era for the regional parties in Northeast, embrace mainstream: JP Nadda

During the release of the election manifesto in Sikkim today, BJP national president JP Nadda made a call for change, "enough is enough; you have to join the mainstream, and the mainstream is BJP. The era of regional parties is over; it's high time to bid farewell to regional politics and embrace the BJP, which promises comprehensive development."

Nadda's statement gives a message of transformation, emphasizing the BJP's vision for Sikkim's progress. "Gone are the days of corruption and divisive politics; it's time for the lotus to bloom in Sikkim," he added, symbolizing the party's symbol and its potential to bring about positive change.

While talking about the development and promises, he highlighted India's economic resilience under PM Modi's leadership. Nadda drew attention to global economic shifts post-pandemic and post-Ukraine war. "After the COVID-19 pandemic, America's economy has shaken. Post-Ukraine war, Russia's economy has faltered, as have those of Australia and Japan. However, India, under the leadership of PM Modi, has ascended to the 5th position in economic power," Nadda remarked, on India's growing stature on the world stage.

Nadda also highlighted specific sectors where India has made significant strides, stating, "In steel manufacturing, we are now at number 2 from number 4; in the automobile market, we have surpassed Japan, standing at number 3. Even in the mobile industry, today you use phones labeled 'Made in India,' not 'Made in China'."