Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee calls for re-polling at two polling stations

Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee calls for re-polling at two polling stations

The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee has demanded re-polling at two polling stations in Nacho, citing irregularities and concerns over transparency. The committee has threatened to launch a 'rigorous democratic movement' if their demands go unanswered.

APCC Demands Re-Polling in Nacho APCC Demands Re-Polling in Nacho

The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has raised concerns over the transparency of the re-polling process at two polling stations within the Nacho assembly constituency. APCC Vice President Toko Mina addressing the media at the Arunachal Press Club demanded that the state chief electoral officer order re-polling at the Lengi and Dingsar polling stations.

Mina stated that although the Election Commission of India had issued an order on April 21 for re-polling at both stations, the process was allegedly marred by irregularities. She called for action against the polling teams involved, accusing them of violating election guidelines and engaging in illegal activities during the re-polling process.
According to Mina, polling agents of the Indian National Congress (INC) candidate were not provided with essential documents such as movement sheets, undermining the Election Conduct Rules of 1961. She further highlighted the presence of armed paramilitary personnel inside the polling stations, which she claimed created undue pressure on the electoral system.

Mina alleged that despite instances of double voting, when INC polling agents requested challenge fees and forms from the presiding officers to question the identity of suspected fake voters, their requests were denied. She also pointed out the failure to provide form 17C to polling agents, a mandatory requirement under the Conduct of Election Rules.

The APCC threatened to initiate a "rigorous democratic movement" if their demands for re-polling were not addressed promptly. Mina criticized the conduct of the presiding officers, stating that they did not permit polling agents to accompany them into voting compartments as required by guidelines.

Moreover, Mina highlighted the absence of signed declaration forms for companions accompanying voters, as mandated by Section 25 of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961.

The APCC's demand for re-polling underscores its commitment to upholding the integrity and fairness of the electoral process in Arunachal Pradesh. The allegations of irregularities during the re-polling process raise concerns about the adherence to democratic principles and the proper conduct of elections in the state.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Apr 30, 2024