Assam Lok Sabha Election 2024: 15 crorepati candidates in fray for third phase polls

Assam Lok Sabha Election 2024: 15 crorepati candidates in fray for third phase polls

In the upcoming third phase of Assam Lok Sabha elections, 15 out of 47 candidates are 'crorepatis'. This diverse group of wealthy candidates includes representatives from multiple political parties and four independents.

15 'Crorepatis' in Assam Polls' Phase 3 15 'Crorepatis' in Assam Polls' Phase 3

In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Assam's third phase, a total of 15 candidates, out of the 47 contesting for the four constituencies, have been identified as 'crorepatis'. This revelation emerged from the affidavits filed by the candidates, with the wealthiest among them being AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal, who is contesting from the Dhubri seat.


Among the 15 'crorepati' candidates, there are representatives from various political parties including Congress, AGP, BJP, AIUDF, Bodo Peoples' Front (BPF), United People's Party, Liberal (UPPL), Trinamool Congress, CPI(M), and Ekam Sanatan Bharat, along with four independents. The proportion of 'crorepati' candidates stands at 32% of the total contesting candidates.


The assets of the candidates vary significantly, with the richest being Badruddin Ajmal, whose declared assets amount to a staggering Rs 155 crore. Following closely is independent candidate Dulu Ahmed from Barpeta, with assets worth Rs 63 crore. Congress MLA Rakibul Hussain and BJP's Bijuli Kalita Medhi, contesting from different constituencies, also feature among the 'crorepati' candidates.


However, it's not just wealth that's under scrutiny; liabilities also play a significant role. Among the candidates, independent contestant Dulu Ahmed has the highest liabilities at Rs 11.86 crore, followed by BPF's Kampa Borgoyary and Congress's Rakibul Hussain.


The Lok Sabha constituencies of Barpeta and Guwahati each boast five 'crorepati' candidates, while Dhubri and Kokrajhar (ST) have three and two respectively.


The diversity of candidates and their financial standings reflect the complexity of the electoral landscape in Assam, with voters weighing various factors in their decision-making process.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: May 05, 2024