Money, arrogant speeches don't win elections: BJP MLA lauds Gaurav Gogoi's Jorhat win

Money, arrogant speeches don't win elections: BJP MLA lauds Gaurav Gogoi's Jorhat win

Gaurav Gogoi, the Congress MP and candidate, has secured a significant victory in the Jorhat Lok Sabha seat in the 2024 elections. His win underscores the limitations of exit polls and the multifaceted nature of democratic elections.

Story highlights
  • Gaurav Gogoi wins Jorhat Lok Sabha seat by a significant margin
  • BJP's Mrinal Saikia acknowledges Gogoi's win, criticises over-reliance on publicity
  • Gogoi and Rahul Gandhi highlight the inaccuracy of exit polls

Congress MP and candidate from the Jorhat Lok Sabha seat, Gaurav Gogoi, has won by a significant margin of votes in the Lok Sabha election of 2024. On his victory, Mrinal Saikia, a Bharatiya Janata Party politician from Assam Legislative Assembly election in 2016 from Khumtai constituency tweeted, "Special congratulations to Gaurav Gogoi for your amazing win. This result is very significant in Jorhat in many ways. The outcome proved that- money, big publicity, overdoses of leaders, and arrogant speeches do not always help to win elections."

Saikia a former ULFA activist, highlighted how the election in a democracy is a multifaced phenomenon that can't just be won by speeches and publicity stunts.

Speaking to the media, Gaurav Gogoi echoed the sentiments of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who had earlier dismissed the exit polls as “Modi polls”. “In the beginning, all I would like to say is that Rahul Gandhi had said that the Exit Polls declared a few days back are Modi polls - this has turned out to be true. The ground reality is turning out to be different from Exit Polls,” Gogoi said.

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Published On: Jun 04, 2024