National politics has minimal influence on remote state like Mizoram, Election officer on low voter turnout

National politics has minimal influence on remote state like Mizoram, Election officer on low voter turnout

Following the Mizoram Lok Sabha election, additional chief electoral officer, H. Lianzela, discusses the reasons behind the low voter turnout. While no discrepancies were reported, Lianzela explores multiple factors contributing to reduced participation.

Story highlights
  • Mizoram Lok Sabha election sees low voter turnout of 56.68 per cent.
  • Additional chief electoral officer, H. Lianzela, explores multiple factors behind reduced participation.
  • Lianzela suggests amendments to electoral revision rules to make the electoral roll error-free.


Following the Mizoram general election to the Lok Sabha on April 19, additional chief electoral officer H. Lianzela addressed the issue of low voter turnout, highlighting various factors contributing to the subdued participation of voters in the electoral process.

Lianzela assured that there were no irregularities or untoward incidents during the polls, emphasizing the smooth conduct of the election. The reported voter turnout currently stands at 56.68 per cent, with final figures pending verification through scrutiny of form 17A and other relevant documents, expected to conclude later today.

Expressing gratitude to voters and the election machinery for their dedication, Lianzela delved into the reasons behind the low voter turnout in Mizoram:

1. Voters were not enthusiastic as there were no big political agendas and issues for Parliamentary Election in a small state like Mizoram. 

2. There was no strategic mobilization of voters by the political parties and their candidates. 

3. Voters working and studying outside of the state find no compelling circumstances to come back and spend their hard earned money to exercise their franchise.

4. Urban apathy which was clearly visible from Aizawl District having the lowest record of voter turnout among the 11 districts in the State.

5. National politics hardly makes any inroads to the day to day life of people in a remote state like Mizoram which has resulted in a depoliticized environment during Parliamentary Election. 

6. Unless voting is made compulsory under the Constitution and an online voting system becomes a reality, a high percentage of voters turnout cannot be expected 

Furthermore, Lianzela said that he is of the view that the electoral Rolls are not that relevant and effective enough to check duplicate voters; and rules pertaining to electoral revision and its related laws call for amendment to make the electoral roll error free.

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Published On: Apr 20, 2024